06 December 2010

It's Beginning to Smell a Lot Like Christmas

Now that we're living in a real house -- not an apartment, not a condo, not a temporary rental house while the homestead was under construction -- we are finally in a position to have a totally legitimate, wow-I-had-no-idea-a-dead-tree-could-cost-this-much Christmas tree. I'd like to say this is the first time we've had a real (meaning full-sized) one. However, the fact that we already own a full-sized Christmas tree stand suggests that we've had one at some point in the past. But neither of us remember it, and I certainly can't imagine where we put it in our little condo. So we're going to consider this our first real Christmas tree:

It's a Douglas fir, and it has made the whole house smell amazing. We bought it yesterday at the tree lot at the church down the street. Friends have told us stories about their trips to tree farms, and as lovely as that sounds, if we had to drive to a farm to get our tree...well, next year would have been our first real Christmas tree. So we went the easy way -- and it really was easy. After driving two minutes and looking at perhaps 20 trees, we committed to this one. It was quite the contrast to picking out tile or light fixtures, where we needed to see every single option at every single store or every single website before we knew that we were getting the right one. I think we're still burned out on decision-making (which probably explains why our yard is still an unkempt heap of nothing).

Setting up the tree was also easy, fortunately. I was dreading the tedium of trying to get it straight in the stand, but our first effort was just right, so no tweaking was necessary. (If you noticed the angel on top, well, she needs some tweaking. Don't mind her.)

This tree finally gave me the opportunity to take this tree skirt for a spin:

I bought it nine years ago on after-Christmas clearance at a boutique in Middlebury, Vermont. it's red velvet with a really beautiful floral pattern embroidered with ribbons:

I only wish it were bigger, so the embroidery would be more visible (especially as packages start landing under the tree).

Needless to say, lights, ornaments, etc. are coming soon. But first, I have been working on a neat little craft project to handle our Christmas cards -- and we received our first card today (from my grandmother in Oregon). So stay tuned.

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  1. Clicked here from Holidailies. Congratulations on your real house and real tree. I have too many dogs who like to mark real trees, so ours is plastic, but I love it, even so.

    And that tree skirt IS lovely.

    (I don't really use google much - my blog is at missmeliss.com)