22 December 2010

Happy Anniversary To Us, Part 2

After our wedding at sea eight years ago today, we headed to the north shore of Oahu to spend three days at Turtle Bay Resort. (That took us up to Christmas Eve, when we would head back to the other side of the island to spend Christmas at my grandmother's house. After Christmas, we went on a week-long cruise around the Hawaiian Islands and across both the equator and the international date line to Fanning Island, but I like our Turtle Bay pictures better, so I'm going to focus on that here.)

The hotel is perched on the end of a peninsula so that each room on its three wings has a view of the water. If you remember a TV show a few years back called North Shore (kind of like The O.C.: Hawaiian Edition...there's no reason you would remember it), the wide-view exterior shots they showed of the resort were of Turtle Bay:

It's the kind of place where you drive in, park, and don't need to drive again until it's time to leave. We ate all of our meals at the various on-site restaurants, walked down to the beach to swim and snorkel, and just lounged around a lot. The property is so big that we felt like we were the only people there. One day we went for a horseback ride, and it was, again, just the two of us (plus our guide):

Another day we walked the mile or so to the northern tip of the island. On the way, we ran into this lovely lady:

She's a Hawaiian Monk Seal, an endangered species. (We assumed she was a lady. I don't know why.)

After a bit of rain the night we arrived, the weather was great. One wall of our room was all sliding glass doors, which I don't think we ever closed. The sound of the waves crashing against the shore was the perfect soundtrack for our stay at Turtle Bay.

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