22 December 2010

Happy Anniversary to Us

Today marks eight years since I married my best friend:

I highly recommend eloping in general, and eloping in Hawaii in particular. We had the most beautiful backdrop for pretty much every picture -- clear blue water -- and a friend conducted the short, simple ceremony.

We were fortunate to be able to use another friend's 1929 wooden sailboat. We had the choice of a couple of different boats, but we knew this was the one when we saw that the color of the sail cover and other accents matched the vest we had bought for Steve for the occasion.

After the ceremony, we went to the Mandarin Oriental Hotel (now the Kahala Resort) for a terrific brunch at Hoku Restaurant. While at the hotel, we took advantage of some of the beautiful backdrops that were all around us. This staircase, surrounded by stunning walls of orchids, was extra festive three days before Christmas:

Has it been eight years already?!


  1. I've never seen these photos! I love them.. Wish we'd known you well enough to crash the elopement... ;)

  2. But that's the thing about eloping -- even if we had known each other well enough, it was a SECRET! (No one in Austin, with the possible exception of my tax professor -- to whom I may have asked some questions about the tax implications of getting married before the end of the year -- knew about it.) We didn't even tell my grandmother until two days before, when we landed in Honolulu and drove straight to her house to invite her.