25 December 2010

The Flip Side of Being Carded, Part 2

The hours-long process is a labor of love, for sure, but we also get something tangible out of it. Every year, we keep one card and one letter for ourselves. We put them in a binder that has become, year by year, a chronicle of our life together. For instance, last year's letter featured the beginning of our construction process, so a picture of us standing (with Millie and Dash) on the newly poured foundation fit the bill:

One of the highlights of 2008 -- the year I really got into my triathlon groove -- was a trip to Portland for the national championship triathlon, so a picture from the Columbia River Gorge and another from a local race seemed perfect (too bad the color of the Oregon picture wasn't):

Since this binder is the closest thing we have to a scrapbook, I also tucked a copy of our "we've moved" card into the front pocket, and I also made some notes to serve as a reminder of how many cards and letters we need:

(We sent this card out last summer, after we sold our condo and moved into the temporary house, to give out our new (temporary) address. We didn't send change-of-address cards when we moved into the new house this year; instead, we tried to send out our Christmas cards early and highlighted the new address for our friends and family...which mostly worked.)

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