24 December 2010

Finally, O Christmas Tree (Finally)

Before we get to the tree, here's my favorite, simplest holiday decoration this year:

I bought this interesting 50's ceramic dish at a garage sale this fall for $8. (It's from a company called Florence Ceramics from Pasadena, California.) The minute I saw it, I imagined it full of ornaments, so I was glad the holiday season finally arrived so it could fulfill its destiny. (I took a close-up because I didn't want to move the various things on the table at that moment. To see it in the larger context of the room, click here.)

So, with the dish full of ornaments, there wasn't a whole lot left to put on the tree. (After Christmas sales should help with that.) And we had some troubles with the lights, and the angel is still crooked, and the bottom line is that our tree just won't be winning any beauty contests. But here it is:

I think my favorite thing about a decorated Christmas tree is the festive mix of papers adorning the packages underneath.

There is one ornament I want to highlight.

It's actually not an ornament, although it's cleverly designed to look like one. It's actually a control for the lights. We picked it up a few years ago at Target the day after Christmas, and thank goodness we did -- the only convenient outlet is directly behind the tree where only a contortionist would be able to reach. The snowflake has a cord that connects to a plug, and the lights in turn plug into that plug. Instead of battling the tree, we just touch the snowflake to turn the tree on or off. Brilliant!


  1. the snowflake is quite the improvement on "The Clapper"

  2. It's the Great Snowflake, Charlie Brown! What a neat idea. When I was growing up, we had an extension cord with a switch in the middle, which at least meant you didn't have to plug in and unplug the tree (like we do now). I've got to keep an eye out for something as clever as this...

  3. Oh yes, I had intended to liken it to a clapper...but I guess I got distracted (easy this time of year, with all of the bright, shiny objects). So thanks for the reminder. Yes, it's a lot like a clapper...except that the television can't accidentally turn the lights off.

  4. I like your dish of ornaments. Very pretty. :)

  5. Thanks! My husband, Steve, had (and continues to have) a visceral reaction to the dish, so although I'm not doubting that it was a fabulous purchase, it's nice to hear that someone else appreciates it, too. Merry Whatever-You-Celebrate!