30 December 2010

File This Under "Better Late Than Never"

Notice anything different in here?

Today, after six months and five days in our house, we finally hung a towel bar in the master bathroom. (Because of a snafu with the radiant floor, our bathroom was still under construction for about a month after we moved in, so technically we've only been using it without a towel bar for five months. "Only.")

Now, instead of heaping our towels on the teak bench or on the side of the bathtub, we can hang them neatly on the wall:

Because of the glass wall, I wanted to find a pivoting towel bar for easy access from inside the shower:

Back in the spring, I ordered a different pivoting bar, but I never hung it because it just didn't seem right (read about it here). That one cost a good bit, and this one cost even more, so our investment in hanging towels in the master bathroom has been...significant, but if that's what it took to get it right, well, I guess I can't complain too much.

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