16 December 2010

The Easiest Holiday Decorating Project Ever

I love the movie Elf.  I'm not generally a fan of Christmas movies, but Elf is funny in an innocent, silly way, which is my kind of funny. It also lends itself to great quotes.  I think my favorite one is when he's working in the mailroom, tries to look up that tube that uses suction to send documents to other places (like bank drive-throughs have), and says in a panic, "It's very sucky!"

But "it's very sucky" doesn't lend itself to tasteful holiday decorations...and if nothing else I strive to keep it tasteful.

Fortunately, there's also a quote involving candy canes, which Real Simple magazine featured with a picture of candy canes a few years ago (I think it was 2004).  I carefully cut the page out, put it in a black frame, and enjoy displaying it every December:

For under ten bucks (the cost of the frame) and about two minutes of effort, I have a piece of holiday decor that is jazzing up an otherwise blank wall and actually feels pretty personal, as each person who takes on this project would end up with something completely different.  Would yours include song lyrics?  A wintry landscape?  A recipe for gingerbread?

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  1. I have the back page of an old Texas Observer that I used to keep in my home office, but that needs a frame. It's a photo of Obama in a cowboy hat in Texas (while campaigning), accompanied by a short article from the photographer describing his luck in taking the photo at the exact right time. I liked the photo but I really liked the article. Thanks for reminding me to find it, frame it, and put it up on the wall in here again.