25 November 2010

Thanks to Costco for the Flowers

First things first. We foolishly neglected to take any pictures of our Thanksgiving dinner, or of the friends with whom we shared the wonderful meal.

But we did take pictures of the table:

We bought another bouquet of flowers from Costco and divided it into smaller arrangements. With blue and white dishes, the fallish colors of the flowers were perfect to give the table more of a Thanksgiving look...and since we served the food from one of the kitchen counters, we were able to keep these three little bunches (in Ikea vases) on the dining table throughout the meal (along with a basket of rolls, a bottle of wine, and a pitcher of water):

A larger one went on the coffee table (where we ended up playing Taboo for a couple of hours after dinner):

And I put another small arrangement in the front bathroom (the one right off of the living room):

Five floral arrangements: $15. Heaps and heaps of delicious food: $100 (give or take). Spending time with friends we don't see nearly enough: priceless.

We hope your Thanksgiving was as good as ours. Happy shopping! (Or avoiding the shopping, as is our preference.)

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