24 November 2010

Status: Master Bedroom (Part 2, "Status Wednesday" Doesn't Have the Same Ring)

Since our first master bedroom status post, we've made a bit of progress. I dragged my feet on hanging the picture I had intended to put over the bed, and finally I realized that my hesitation was because it wasn't right for the space. (Too big, and too bright, I think.) Instead, I hung it above the reading chair:

And that feels right.

We also put up the cellular shades.

It's nice to have privacy again...and to be able to adjust for the shifting sun (which is why the far left one is so far up in this picture). But it makes for a huge wall of beige. We're looking for some kind of window treatment solution that will fancy it up a bit, while not blocking the perfect, simple trim detail above.

So, in conclusion, we're still on the lookout for art over the bed, and our peeper is out of business.

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