14 November 2010

Ready for Large Brush Pickup

Thanks to the kick in the pants provided by the city's large brush pickup schedule, our side fence area has gone from this:

to this:

And looking across the yard from the guest room:

Sure will make it easier to replace the fence when the time comes. I can see across the next two yards now -- all the way to a fence with vertical slats (just like we want to put in).

When I asked our neighbor, John, for permission to cut the trees along the fence that were on his side (many of which were growing right through the fence, blurring the line between "ours" and "his" anyway), he not only said that was fine, but he even called in his landscape guy to take care of some of the removal. (John said it was long overdue and needed to happen so that the grass would grow back on the (formerly) shady side of his yard.)

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