06 November 2010

Just Like You Can't Undo a Haircut...

This morning, after my excruciating 16-mile run*, I planned to spend a few minutes hauling to the front yard all of the tree branches I've cut over the last couple of weeks (which I left in the back so kids wouldn't get hurt as they ran across our yard in the dark on Halloween). Now, I tend to underestimate how long things will take, so perhaps I shouldn't have been surprised when it ended up taking about two hours to clear all of the branches out.

But looking at the pile of branches lined up along the curb, it still doesn't look like it should have taken that long:

Now to the inspiration for the title of this post. After cutting a lot of the branches away from the back fence line, we have a much clearer view of the house behind us. And it ain't pretty:

Kind of hard to see, I know. Now that they can see us as clearly as we can see them, I didn't want to head out back and snap a picture of their house from the fence. So if you're thinking that it's hard to make out walls versus windows versus doors, trust me, it's not much to see. So, for that reason, and since that is the last house before the park on the street behind us, we're going to leave the rest of the trees along the back fence line until we're closer to actually replacing the fence (with something like this).

If you're wondering, the garbage and recycling bins are from the old house. We stashed them back there before demolition, forgot about them, and found them again when we (I) started cutting the trees. I need to call 311 to have them picked up.

* Seriously? I'm supposed to do what I did today, plus another 10 miles? 10.2, actually? Really? And at about a minute per mile faster pace than I did today? I'll believe that when I see it.

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  1. lol - yes good choice on keeping the trees until you get the fence in place :)