28 November 2010


Posts are going to be sparse this week -- we're busy preparing (by which I mean "making a last-ditch effort to organize some of the areas that are still in disarray") for my birthday party next weekend.

While we're tidying up, cleaning, and cooking for guests, we decided it was finally time to invite the neighbors over, too. The city-owned utility company (which administers Austin's green building program) hosts a green home tour (called the "cool house tour") every year, and we had thought about applying to be on the tour, but I think we're too private to want the public at large traipsing through our home. We do want to share our home with our neighbors, though (and we're happy to satisfy any lingering curiosity about what we built), so hosting our own "cool house tour" is the perfect way to kill two birds with one stone. Austin Energy even sent me a PowerPoint file of the signs they put up to explain each green feature on the real tour.

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