03 November 2010

Cooling Down and Heating Up

Fall has finally come to Austin. Right now it's about 55 degrees and drizzly. The cooler temperatures are making for chilly runs -- I've had to break out the running tights (capri, but still) and mittens.

What we haven't had to do yet is turn on the heater. Friday night, when it got down in to the low 40s, the house only lost three degrees overnight (from 78 to 75). We might have to crank up the heat tonight...even though it's going to warm up to almost 70 tomorrow. The sun has shifted so that, in the afternoon, light pours into the master and guest room, warming the house through 100% free "passive solar." (During the summer, the sun passes higher in the sky, and the eaves block most of the direct sun.)

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