18 November 2010

Boulder, Day 2

My second day in Boulder was as full and perfect as the first.

I woke up to this:

If I lived there, I'm sure the snow and cold would get really old, really fast, but on an occasional basis, it's magical. (Yes, I realize that I have now used the word "magical" in two of two posts about Boulder. That's just how magical the place is. I'll see if I can work it into the remaining posts about my trip...which shouldn't be hard, given how magical Boulder is.)

Anyway. After a lazy morning, Jessica headed to campus and Patti and I went to her gym for water aerobics. Don't laugh; water puts up a lot of resistance, and water aerobics is HARD if you do it right. I actually dropped out about two-thirds of the way through class, put my goggles on, and swam about half a mile instead, while Patti and the other ladies (and one dude) splashed about in the next lane.

My old law school friend Ian, who moved to Denver this spring to teach at the DU law school, picked me up at the gym, and we drove up Flagstaff Mountain so he could get an aerial view of the city. While the grey day kept the city from looking its best, snow on trees never disappoints:

And just to prove that Ian was really there:

As I mentioned, I love the way snow looks on branches. As I prepared to take this next picture, I commented to Ian that I always try but can never capture on film whatever it is that makes snow on branches so special. But here's the picture anyway:

We drove down the mountain and had pizza on Pearl Street, then ran around the corner for dessert crepes. Mine had sugar, cinnamon, butter, chunks of angel food cake, caramel, and Grand Marnier. Mmmm. After a late lunch, and crepes that took longer than expected, we had to rush back to Patti's so Ian could get back to Denver.

And although I was stuffed with pizza and crepe goodness, it was soon dinner time...and although I ate a ton, I never felt full after dinner (must have been the missing cake...or the marathon training).

Day 2 was also when the Scrabble really got going. Patti has been playing Scrabble with my cousin Matt on their phones. I don't know much about how these things work, but apparently there's an app for that. (Apple, please don't sue me for using your catchphrase.) The game is set up so that, once you play your word, the other person has 48 hours to make their play, so you never know when the next turn will come. (They usually play within a few hours.) Matt routinely beats Patti, so Jessica and I thought maybe we could help. And apparently a Ph.D., a J.D., a Fulbright Scholar (also Jessica), and a Mom are a pretty good match for Matt. If it weren't for his 50-point bonus for using all of his letters to spell "scanner," we would have beaten him. (You may think of this as "cheating," but we don't know for sure that he doesn't have three Ph.D.'s, an M.D., and a Rhodes Scholar on his team, so I'm going to call it simply "leveling the playing field.") It added a bit of unexpected fun to the trip and meant that there was always something to do if there was a lull in the conversation. And it felt a little bit like spending some time with Matt (who lives in San Francisco)...even if he didn't know it.

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