27 October 2010

@#&!$ Stole My Soup

From time to time, we order soup and other food items from the Soup Peddler. Last Saturday was one of those times, and today was our scheduled delivery day, so I left a cooler on our front porch, as per the Peddler's procedures.

When I got home, the cooler was GONE. So was our door mat.

I immediately called the Soup Peddler to ask if they had already made the delivery, if they had perhaps moved the cooler, etc. They said they had delivered the soup about an hour earlier, so we honed in on a 45-minute window when we believe the crime was committed. The Peddler graciously agreed to re-deliver our order tomorrow (even though we no longer have a cooler in which to receive it) or to credit our account if they don't have adequate stock.

The police dispatcher I spoke with was very professional, asking questions like, "Can you describe the cooler?" and "Did the soup have any value?" (Um, hello? It was brand new soup, and the amount I had paid for the order is a pretty good indication of its value.) Nevertheless, I got the feeling that, as soon as we hung up, he was going to tell all of his dispatcher friends about his ridiculous soup theft call.

Now, it's not like I think the police are going to get right on it and crack this case, returning the soup to me for my dining pleasure. But I do think it's important to report any theft, as the police use this data to allocate their resources around town. Taking anything from someone else's porch suggests a lack of respect for others that could lead to other, more serious crimes, so if my silly report can help get our neighborhood more police presence and prevent other crimes, it's worth doing.

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  1. Ugh, that sucks. But Soup Peddler -- woohoo! I read the book a few years back and it rocked.