02 October 2010

Status Saturday: The Exercise Room/Box Farm (Part 1)

As promised, here's a view of the exercise room, which has been serving as a holding pen for boxes since we moved in.

You will note that I didn't tidy up or even close the closet doors for these pictures. No sugar-coating here. (I do it for you, dear reader.)

I took these pictures this morning. Then I had to go to the office for a few hours this afternoon. When I returned, Steve had made a significant dent in the remaining boxes, but I'm not taking another round of pictures. (You'll have to wait until the next time the Status Saturday photography crew visits the exercise room...by which time we should also have blinds on the windows and a pretty neat piece of art on the wall, which we recently ordered and I'm super excited about.)

Today has been kind of a wild day. I was up at 6 to run 10 miles, then picked up my packet for tomorrow's triathlon and did some recycling while I was in the area (did you know there are places you can recycle those metallic-lined energy bar/granola bar wrappers?), then ran (drove) home and did some chores, then headed up to the gym for the last day of the 20-day challenge (swam a lap in the lake, which has been my fall-back activity when I haven't had the energy for anything more rigorous), then came home and had a noontime French toast breakfast with Steve before going to work from about 1-4:30. Whew. By the way, my weekly totals are 2 miles of swimming and 22.5 miles of running (plus some spinning and core work...but no actual bicycle time). That's not a lot for some people, but it's a lot for me. Especially with a triathlon starting at 8 am tomorrow (my first in over a year). Details to come, I'm sure.

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