16 October 2010

No One Told Me Marathon Training Would Require Flower Arranging Skills

Tomorrow is the IBM 10k, the first race in the 2010-11 Austin Distance Challenge, so I invited my marathon training friends, Kelli and Christina, to join us for homemade pasta tonight. With that in mind, I was drawn in by Costco's flower stand and decided to buy a bouquet. (Yes, I'm prettying things up so my friends will think we're the kind of people who always have fresh flowers...and make our bed...and clean up after ourselves....)

But I didn't want to just buy a bunch of flowers and throw them in a vase. (And although Costco has great prices, I can't help thinking $15 is kind of a lot for a single "everyday" bouquet.) So I grabbed a few different vases, took the bunch apart, and got to work making three arrangements:

Here's what I ended up with on the dining table:

It's not too different from the original bouquet, although I think I cut the stems too short (I'm the worst flower arranger in the world). The lilies have started to open, so it's prettier now.

One of the smaller bouquets went in a ceramic Ikea vase in the front bathroom (the one that day guests use):

I think it brings a nice pop of color to a black and white room. It's basically just one frilly flower plus some interesting pieces of "garnish" that came with the bouquet.

A slightly larger mini-arrangement in a white glass vase (also from Ikea) went on the side table in the great room:

It took a good half-hour to make the three arrangements (like I said, worst flower arranger in the world), but I think it was worth the time and the $15. (Now it's more like $9, $4, and $2 for the three, which seems a lot more reasonable.)

If you noticed that the lampshade is unusually shiny, that's because it's still in its wrapper. I'm trying to decide whether to keep it. I really like it but think it's too dark, so I'm leaning toward returning it. I love the color/pattern of the old lampshade but really want to change to a drum-style shade. If only I could find that shape in this:

But alas....

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