26 October 2010

Lines of Sight

Our house design came together in record time, thanks to buying CAD files from the internet, hiring a local designer to make changes to the original plans, and having definite ideas about what we wanted. (The reason we went that route was that I fell in love with the exterior, but the efficiency was definitely a nice side effect.) Consequently, our plans were 99% final in about two months...but I do wonder if taking more time would have eliminated some of the...funny...vistas in and around the house.

Here's one I discovered while, um, availing myself of the front bathroom.

At the risk of divulging more information than you bargained for, we tend not to close the the bathroom door all the way when we're the only ones in the house. Pushing it most of the way closed has usually been fine everywhere we've lived (including, fortunately, the potty closet in our new master bathroom). In this bathroom, though, if the door is even the slightest bit ajar, there's a clear view all the way across the great room, down the master bedroom hall, and into the mudroom...which means that, if the door isn't closed, everything going on in the bathroom is visible from the mudroom. Case in point:

Yeah, that's the toilet in there...and yeah, you can see it within a step or two of coming into the mudroom from the garage.

Another example is the master bathroom. Upon moving in, we quickly discovered that, with the door open, you can see all the way from inside the shower out to the master bedroom, to the outside, through the screened porch, outside again, and all the way into the guest room. Yes, these next pictures were taken from inside the shower...which means that someone in the guest room, the screened porch, or outside can see straight into the shower when the bathroom door is open.

(The long, dark rectangle to the right of center in the picture above is the edge of the guest room window, surrounded by white trim and green siding.)

Part of the solution to these issues arrived in the mail a couple of weeks ago and went up last night...

...not that anyone is currently occupying the guest room (although we expect a visitor from England in a few weeks). You can see the new cellular shade from master shower here:

And from the master bedroom here:

And here:

Of course, that doesn't take care of the issue of random peepers looking into the master bedroom/bathroom/shower. For that, we finally, belatedly, ordered window coverings for the master windows last night.

But even once the master windows are covered, there remains another master bathroom issue, this time thanks to those lovely mirrors. Here's another shot from the shower:

One of the mirrors reflects the showering person right through the master bedroom and into the sight of anyone standing in the master/mudroom hall. (That's the doorway from the master to the hall in the center of the picture above.) Even pushing the bathroom door mostly closed doesn't fix this one. The open master door is still right there.

In case you're wondering, yes, it would have been fun to position Steve in these pictures (a picture being worth a thousand words and all), but no, I didn't ask him to be our showering guinea pig.

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  1. LOL! I love this post - and all of the vistas described. Funny what you discover afterwards... our family bathroom is at the top of the stairs - which end in the front door, which has a half window in the top that only has distortion glass, so you absolutely cannot be in the bathroom without the door closed!