24 October 2010

Large Brush Pickup

Twice a year, the city comes to our neighborhood to pick up tree branches (or entire trees, etc. -- whatever you want to cut down and arrange to the city's specifications along the street. Year round, on garbage day, they will pick up leaves and smaller branches and turn them into compost and/or mulch, but you have to cram everything into garbage cans for that). Last week, we received a postcard announcing large brush pickup in Allandale the week of November 15. Since part of our no-plan landscaping plan is to remove the trees along the side and back fence lines so that we can put in a real, wooden fence (many of the trees are directly along the property line or otherwise interfere with the installation of a fence), we jumped at the opportunity to get the city to take the trees away for us. Which means that we need to cut/remove everything by the 15th.

And since I hate getting perfectly good, clean clothes dirty (I prefer to do yard work after I've already been out sweating), after this morning's ride and run I spent some time in the back yard with the loppers and accomplished this:

I didn't have the good sense to take a "before" picture, but you can see the pile of branches on the ground. Starting on the right side (closer to the house), I removed everything I could reach in half an hour (with the exception of our neighbor's lovely oleander). The next step will require our trusty pole saw so we can reach the higher branches.

I'm going to wait until after Halloween to take everything to the front yard. I'm hoping a bunch of kids will come by this year, and our yard is scary enough without adding an element of danger with piles of branches.

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