20 October 2010

Holy Window Covering, Batman!

Our first four cellular shades arrived yesterday, and we installed the first one -- a single-cell shade in the exercise room. We need to make a slight modification to the windows before we can permanently install them, but we're satisfied with our selection.

Because of the light coming in the windows when I took the picture, the room looks really dark...but it's not. The shades actually allow a lot of light in (they also make a "blackout" variety). Using the flash probably would have yielded a better picture, but I don't like using the flash and was in a hurry to get the pictures before I had to leave for my running workout. Working full-time (and then some), training for a marathon, and trying to keep up a blog is HARD.

The other two shades are for the guest room. Since it receives the most direct afternoon light in the house, we ordered double-cell shades (which are more insulating) for that room. We're pretty much set on ordering the same kind of shades for the rest of the house, but we need to get the guest room shades up to see if we want double-cell in the master as well (everywhere else will be single-cell).

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