31 October 2010

Halloweekend Recap

This was our first real Halloween -- we've always lived behind a gate or, last year, on a cul-de-sac off of a pretty big road that wasn't conducive to trick or treaters. Tonight, all told, we probably had about 30 kids come by, and with the help of some intel from a neighbor that guided our candy purchase, we managed to end up with just a few pieces left over. Good times. (Definitely better than last Halloween, when the temporary house tried to kill me and I had a run-in with a cockroach.)

This morning was the 10-miler in the series of races leading up to the marathon, which meant that I got to skip my long (14-mile) training run yesterday in favor of an easy 3-mile run...after which I was full of energy to do some more work on the jungle out back:

Now that Halloween is over and I don't need to worry about kids tripping in our front yard, I can start taking the cut branches to the front so they'll be ready for large brush pickup in a couple of weeks.

But back to the race. I've done it twice before, and the second time (2008) I cut about a minute per mile off of my time. I knew I wouldn't be able to match my best time (8:05 per mile), and I didn't think I was even in good enough shape to hit my 2007 time (9:04 per mile)...but I did and was thrilled to see that I had an 8:27 pace in me. (This is exciting because I had thought that missing most of the 2009/2010 season had set me back to 2007 or even further, but today's race suggests that I've managed to regain the fitness I had in about spring 2008, making this whole marathon thing perhaps not as much of an uphill battle as I had feared. Nevertheless, it's clear that my legs are going to be sore tomorrow!)

Switching gears...when I went to take the picture above, I found this hanging out on the bedroom window and immediately knew you needed to see it, too:

And in other bathrooms-you-can-see-from-living-spaces news: I realized that the rarely-used powder room in the mudroom is also visible from the master bedroom hall and parts of the great room. Heck, the powder room and front bathroom can practically see each other. The only bathroom with any privacy at all (I mean, apart from the doors) is in the guest room.

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