01 October 2010

Green Moving...and Slow Moving

Today I read about a relatively new concept in moving -- reusable plastic bins that you rent instead of buying and assembling cardboard boxes. I've seen corporate movers using these, but apparently there are companies that will also rent them out for house moves. The website focuses on three main benefits -- cost, convenience, and greenness. Cardboard boxes do get expensive when you're buying a whole houseful of them, but when we moved we used free boxes from friends and our offices. Most of them were also preassembled, so we saved the time and hassle (and tape) of putting them together. My favorite boxes, though, are those office paper boxes (the kind that hold about 10 reams) because they come with lids and are a great size for carrying. And when we were finished with the boxes, we passed many of them on (we took about 20-30 of them back to the temporary house and posted them on Craigslist; they were gone within a couple of hours) and are recycling the rest as we empty them.

The thing that struck me about this rental concept is that the company rents the boxes for two weeks -- "two full weeks to pack and move," they generously proclaim. Were we expected to move in two weeks? Is that typical? 'Cause we're three months in, and there's still plenty to unpack (stay tuned for this weekend's Status S-whichever-day). And we also took more than a week on the packing side of things.

These crates are a neat concept, but we'd have to be a whole lot more (a) organized and (b) motivated to make it work for us.

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