05 October 2010

Compare and Contrast

I recently realized that I didn't have any good pictures of the exterior. Lots of progress photos, but nothing recent. So...well, with the landscaping situation (which might aptly be referred to as "none"), I wouldn't exactly call this a good picture, but at least the construction debris is gone...mostly...anyway, just take a look:

We've been spreading ground up drywall around the yard, slowly but surely (it's supposed to be good for breaking up the clay soil), but the pile is still there. The vegetation in the foreground is more weeds than grass. The green cylinder next to the garage is a rain barrel that will eventually go in the back yard (it's there for now to help with the drainage issue going on in front of the bunny room). In short, we're a long way from anything final, but if you ignore all of that, it does look like the rendering, which was what made me fall in love with this design as our starting point in the first place.

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