02 September 2010

Mind In the Gutter

I learned a valuable lesson today. Two, actually.

1. The fact that our lot doesn't have any trees is not the final word on whether our gutters need screens to keep leaves out.

2. Cleaning gutters is about as fun as it sounds.

After no rain for I-don't-know-how-long, there's finally rain in the forecast for tonight and tomorrow. Since I noticed leaves poking out of one of the gutters the other day, I thought I should clean them out before the rain comes. (Especially with 1" wide holes in the gutters for rain chains instead of 4" openings for downspouts, any leaves could clog up the works pretty quickly.) So I dragged our new 6' ladder out back and pulled out a surprising volume of leaves (from the neighbor's huge tree, with which we have history). Fortunately, it didn't take long -- the rain was only minutes behind me, and it's really coming down.

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