11 September 2010

Marathon Training

I am now one week into marathon training. This morning we ran seven miles. (If you're thinking that's a lot for week two, I agree.) I am also trying to ramp up my training for the TREK Triathlon in three weeks (I have a free entry from winning my age group last year), and Steve and I are trying to get back into a good run/bike/swim routine. So there's a lot going on.

After my seven miles this morning, Steve and I were originally planning to go for a ride. (We usually ride on Sundays, but our schedule won't allow it tomorrow.) Fortunately, we rethought that plan and decided instead to go to the gym for a swim and then spin class (which, while rigorous, was a lot shorter -- and cooler -- than our usual 20-mile route). After all of that, I'm exhausted. (I'm also hungry, but getting up to find something to eat seems like a lot of effort.)

My tally for the day is as follows: 7 miles of running, 1/2 mile of swimming, and 22 kilometers (about 14 miles) of cycling. What's sad is that, as exhausted as I feel, what I did today totals less than an Olympic-distance triathlon, which I could easily complete just one short year ago (pretty fast, too). What's amazing about it, though, is that we live in a country where all of our basic needs are met, we don't have to fear for our safety or work to find clean water, and we get to do things like running hard enough to throw up just for FUN.

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