23 September 2010

Day 11

Nine days left in the 20-day challenge. It's definitely been a challenge to get the gym every day and still fit everything else in. Yesterday, for instance, I had marathon training (not at the gym) in the evening, so I was planning to go to the gym at lunchtime...but then I remembered that I was spending the morning in bankruptcy court*, so I wouldn't be able to make it there at midday. My only other option was to go to a 6 a.m. class that ended up being heavy on leg work, so I had to ease up on that part of the class so my legs wouldn't be too tired for a 6-mile run (with 400-meter speed intervals) 12 hours later.

Just one more week and two weekends.

* This is my absolute favorite part of my job. Seriously, I love bankruptcy court. I don't do typical bankruptcy work, and I don't deal with any of the emotionally draining parts of bankruptcy (which I don't think I'd like very much at all). When I go to bankruptcy court, it's for a very specific, unusual kind of proceeding, and I work with an amazing litigator from the best law firm in the state, so it's always a fantastic experience.

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