30 September 2010

Close Call

People sometimes ask if there are things we would do differently if we had it to do over again. Of course there are. I probably have an entire post in me on that issue, but not now.

To highlight the fact that we don't make our bed, here's our bedroom window again:

Steve loves it just the way it is, but if I could turn back the clock, I'd make the middle part of the window the same as the left and right. While the large picture window is nice, three identical pieces would, I think, make for a more traditional look, and it would also leave a little more wall space on each side, where we could put a piece of furniture or maybe hang some art.

The fixed-pane panel is also noisy. Since it doesn't open, it doesn't have a screen, and bugs fly into it all the time. Big bugs, apparently -- big enough to make an audible "thud" that we hear from inside. Sometimes little birds even fly into it. But this week, a larger bird upped the ante, and I came home to see this:

And the close-up:

The detail is amazing. And kind of horrifying. As soon as I saw it, I walked over to the window, held my breath, and looked down, fearing I'd see a little body. But fortunately, I found none. The bird lives another day.

And I'm hoping that the collisions will cease once we have blinds on the windows. (I finally ordered the first few today. If they work out, I hope to have the whole house taken care of in the next few weeks.)

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  1. That used to happen in our sunroom all the time.. Really strange huh?