03 September 2010

Big Week

Not much house-related to report this week. Shutterfly sent us each an offer for a free photo book, so we spent two full evenings amassing and organizing pictures from construction and our trip to Hawaii last fall -- and, therefore, not a lot of time unpacking. (By the way, Shutterfly's photo books are fantastic -- if you've never made one, you should try it out. And after we placed a couple of orders with them, they started sending us offers for free books, cards, etc. every few months.)

I've also been spending some time each night studying Spanish. A co-worker arranged lunchtime Spanish classes at the office, which started this week. Eight of us are in the beginner class, and so far, we're having a lot of fun. (To demonstrate what I've learned, yo soy abogada, y el libro es amarillo.)

And rounding out this week, tomorrow (Saturday) morning I start marathon training with an easy five miles along the lake. Although this is purely running, I expect that it's going to feel a lot like training for the New Orleans Half Ironman last year -- in the last couple of months before the race, I was hungry all the time and absolutely could not eat enough. Not a bad problem to have....

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