06 September 2010

Attic Escapades

Now that we have good light in the attic, we have been able to move more things up there (thereby freeing up space to get organized downstairs) and work on projects.

What projects, you ask?

Well, remember back in February when we did all that wiring? Of course not; you have a life that extends well beyond memorizing the minutiae of this blog. So I'll just tell you: back in February, we spent entire weekends putting in wiring and, when our patience (and time) grew thin, we installed conduit for future wiring (speaker, cable, etc.). And in a moment of genius, I decided to put a piece of orange tape around the top of each piece of conduit so they would be easy to find when we're digging around in the dark later (the open storage area of the attic extends over the great room and mudroom, but not above the bedrooms, so those attic areas are dim and cramped and not at all easy to get to).

Case in point: To run cable and speaker wire to the master bedroom TV outlet, I had to go over the river and through the woods to get to the conduit that runs down the wall where we put the TV armoire:

In this picture I had just climbed over one of the horizontal 2x4s and was standing above the master bedroom. The open attic space is just outside of the picture to the right.

And here I am feeding the wires into the conduit. See the orange tape?

Without it, that piece of conduit would have blended in with the other pipes, ducts, and miscellaneous building materials up there, but with it, we quickly and easily located our target. I think that orange tape earned us our Planning Ahead merit badge.

By the way, it was SO nice not to have any fiberglass insulation up there. Spray foam and cellulose was definitely the way to go.

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