11 August 2010

Out Of Office Message

Yesterday we played hooky for Steve's company's annual outing to Schlitterbahn, the largest and most fantastic waterpark in America, which happens to be an hour from Austin. (Okay, it really isn't playing hooky if management organized it (for him) and it was approved in advance (for me).) It was, as always, a great time. And since there is an outlet mall on the way home, we stopped to do some shopping.

I'm not generally one to frequent outlet malls, but I was there a month ago, on my way back from a speaking engagement in San Antonio, and found a nice, simple waste basket at the Crate and Barrel outlet. I ended up putting it under the sink but wanted another one for the master bath (where we are keeping the garbage in the potty cabinet). Unfortunately, they were out of the white ones...but I found this:

I promptly rolled it up and stored it away after taking this picture, and it will only come out for the holidays. I can't wait for Christmas. (This will be the first time we get a full-sized tree.)

After Crate and Barrel, we headed over to the Pottery Barn store. I've had my eye on a floor lamp and amazing mica lamp shade at the regular PB store for a few months. They're so expensive that, the first time I saw them, I decided I couldn't possibly justify the cost. But then I told a very reasonable (and not at all frivolous) friend about them, and when she told me she thought it was okay to spend $200 (!) for a lamp and $50-$70 for a shade because it was obvious I really liked them, I decided to go for it...but have been biding my time, hoping they would go on sale.

So you can probably guess where this is going. The lamp shades were on sale for $20 for the smaller one and $30 for the larger one. And I thought I found my lamp base for $75...but once I got it home and looked it up online, I discovered that it's not the same lamp (close, but lacking one of the features that made the other one so special). Anyway, for $105 instead of $270, I got a really nice lamp that's pretty darn close to the one I've been admiring:

Here's how it looks, turned on, next to the sofa:

We may replace the sofa with a longer sofa with chaise longue on the side where the lamp is (yes, "chaise longue" is the correct spelling...it's French for "long chair; "chaise lounge" is how it's often spelled on this side of the pond but isn't correct). Anyway, if we get a bigger sofa, we would relocate the lamp, probably to the reading area in our bedroom. But for now, this purchase means that we finally got to plug something into the floor outlet. Anyone who has built a house knows that placement of a floor outlet is like "measure twice, cut once"...except that it's more like "measure a dozen times, pour concrete once"...and R still said it was almost certainly going to end up in the wrong place. I guess we could have put it a little further toward the fireplace so it wouldn't be visible under the sofa, but I'd say we did pretty well (I had to lean down to get this picture, and the outlet is more conspicuous here due to the flash reflecting off of the brass):

And now, at long last, the whole living area:

With the mica shades discounted so deeply, I had to pick up another one. This is the smaller one, which I bought to replace the boring shade on this amazing ceramic lamp I picked up a few weeks ago at HomeGoods for the guest room:

Hmmm...cupcake light, pear lamp...can you tell I like food?

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