31 August 2010

While We're Talking About Organizing...

The office has been mostly operational since the week we moved in, but there are still A LOT of boxes in that room. We're waiting until we get unpacked and organized to see whether we need to buy any bookshelves or anything...but we kind of need bookshelves to get unpacked and organized.... So, while we wrap our brains around that catch-22, it's been hard to find things in the office.

A couple of weeks ago, I needed a large envelope to send in an amended tax return, but I couldn't find our package of manila envelopes (they're still packed somewhere). I didn't want to buy more when I know I already have plenty, so I ended up recycling an old triathlon registration packet (that's why I keep this stuff!). Then, last week, everyone's favorite federal revenue agency sent our entire return back with a request for additional documentation. I was irritated that they sent the whole thing back not only because it was a waste of postage (two ways) but also because it meant that I was going to have to find another big envelope to send the whole return back again (the one additional page they were requesting would only have needed a small, white envelope). Plus, it was their poorly worded instructions that led to my first mailing being incomplete, but that's neither here nor there.

I still haven't found the package of large envelopes, but even if I had them when I first sent the return, I would almost surely have lost track of them between then and now because the office is so disorganized.

So, necessity being the mother of invention and all, I decided to use a wire shelf system that we had on hand to create a mailing center. I had to put it on the floor because the office closet shelves, which I had thought it would sit on, were too shallow to hold the front feet, but since it's only temporary, it'll do. So far it holds our checkbook (which we had to dig around for a couple of weeks ago and have since lost and found at least once), address books, mailing labels, and tape, with note cards in a bin on top (which I haven't had any problem locating since we moved...gotta write to the grandmothers!).

As I find envelopes, pens, and other office supplies, I'll add them to the shelves...and hopefully by the time it's full, everything will be unpacked and I'll be able to relocate everything to an appropriate long-term spot. But in the meantime, I'll at least know where to find a handful of office essentials.

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