08 August 2010

What's Happening Now

This was a full weekend.

My Saturday started bright and early, when I met a friend at 7 a.m. for a trail run on the greenbelt. We ran about 6 miles (hard to tell on trails, where times are slower...I kind of hope we ran farther), then we swam a quarter mile (one lap) in Austin's favorite swimming hole, Barton Springs Pool:

Then I drove home, and Steve and I headed out for a bike ride. We had ordered some keychain remotes for the garage door opener so we could just grab one of them before going out for a ride instead of having to take one of the full-sized remotes from our cars and lug that around on the bike. Verdict? Definitely an improvement.

Other verdict? I'm totally out of shape. The 6-mile run, 1/4-mile swim, and 17-mile bike ride totaled a good bit less than an Olympic-distance triathlon, and yet even with breaks between each "event," I was exhausted the rest of the day. But that's exactly what I need to get ready for marathon training (kind of like tidying up before the maid comes, I guess).

Later in the afternoon, our friends from whom we rented the temporary house dropped by with their three boys to see our new place. The baby promptly spit up on our floor. Actually, he spit up down my arm and then onto the floor. Regardless, it was totally inappropriate, as we've spent plenty of time at their house, and neither of us has ever spit up over there. The older boys brought tons of energy and really enjoyed running around through the open areas of the house and pretending that the double pocket doors in the bunny room were airplane doors. (Kids are weird.) It was fun seeing them, since we usually don't make it to their place until after the older boys are asleep.

This morning, we had an appointment at 8:30 with one of the landscape designers we're considering. I'll spare you all of the details and simply say that, three looong hours later, Steve and I had different levels of enthusiasm for her vision. We also realized that it makes a certain sense to wait on the driveway until toward the end, which means that there's no rush to get a plan in place, as planting time is still a couple of months away. (The one big thing I guess we could get started on sooner would be the rainwater cistern...not that there's any rain on the horizon.)

One of her ideas that we definitely liked was to use horizontal slats on the fence instead of vertical -- kind of like this (more the thickness of the bottom slats):

She also suggested that we could put a Japanese maple in front of the bunny room (which is also right next to the entry). I've always loved Japanese maples (which kind of look like large, delicate bonsai trees) but would never have thought the space was big enough for it. The other good news was that she thought the drainage issue we've been having in that area could be cleared up through improving the grading around the house, instead of having to put in an underground drain.

Tonight we hope to finally finish the composter, do some other chores, and maybe even hang our first piece of art.

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