02 August 2010

What's Cooking?

Bar pendant lights!

And we're finally moved into the kitchen enough to show them off.

When they're off (which is almost always...we'll pretty much only fire these up for parties), I love how the topaz color of the shades goes with the colors in the granite:

(Eventually, we'll have 3-4 backless stools under the bar.)

When the lights are on, the color of the glass gets a little lost, but they're still perfect for the space:

These were the very last lights to go in, the week after we moved in. The delay was due to three factors:
  • This manufacturer (Besa) took longer to ship (although we tried to offset this factor by ordering the pendants about two weeks ahead of the rest of the lighting).
  • When the order finally arrived, they had included the wrong hardware (bronze instead of satin nickel).
  • As soon as I saw that the order was wrong, the gears started turning, and I asked if, while they were swapping out the hardware, we could change the pendants themselves. You see, what we had originally selected -- and what they had originally sent -- were these (but with dark hardware):
We were in love with them. So what was the problem? The glass shades turned out to be the size of hockey pucks. Way too small and modern for our kitchen. (This was entirely our fault. The size was clearly stated on the Besa website, and probably on the Lighting Inc. website, but we were in a fog of selections and didn't pay enough attention. But fortunately, Mark at Lighting Inc. was willing to swap out these "special order/no returns" lights for us anyway.) Oh, and both lights have since been discontinued, so we got in just under the wire. (This was another case of one perfect light and no good runners-up, so I have no idea what we would have chosen if these hadn't been available.))

But back to the kitchen pictures. See the little plant in the foreground, in the corner of the bar? It's like a tiny palm grove living on my counter (technically a neanthe bella palm). I love it. When I saw that my brother had bought a little houseplant for $2.79 at Ikea, I wanted one, too, and when I went back, I found this little beauty (plus the one by the sink, which I think is like Kevin's).

I'm totally digging the way the palm looks in this ceramic planter, which I picked up at Tuesday Morning for $6 one evening before we moved in (we were in the empty house, waiting for the internet guys to come and hook up our service, and Tuesday Morning is just down the street...). When I first saw the planter, I thought it was really ugly, but these guys have taught me to think about smaller decorative items as a part of a larger space, where, for instance, the quirkiness of the stripes becomes less prominent. I had a different location in mind for it, but then my mom pointed out how well it coordinates with the granite, and so that corner was accessorized.

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