14 August 2010

Restoration in the Front Bathroom

Restoration Hardware, that is.

Our front bathroom has been without a mirror all of these weeks. We had planned to buy Pottery Barn's Kensington mirror:

When we started looking for mirrors, we checked out Restoration Hardware, but they're so expensive. While we liked one of their options a lot, it was about $100 more than the PB Kensington (for a smaller mirror). So, while we weren't in love with the Kensington, we had resigned ourselves to it...but weren't in a hurry to pull the trigger.

Then Steve suggested that we should get clear glass soap dispensers for the master bathroom, so I started searching online. One thing led to another, and I found myself at the Restoration Hardware website, where I discovered that they were having a big sale on bath items, including the fabulous Dillon mirror, which we ordered in polished nickel to match the faucet, light fixture, cabinet knobs, and some great accessories that were also on sale and would be perfect in the front bathroom. (No dice for the master bathroom, though.)

Yesterday the mirror arrived, along with the Strande soap dispenser and matching small and large containers. Installation of the mirror was not without hiccups (the instructions were abysmal...although our issues can't be attributed to the instructions). After a couple of false starts and strategy sessions, we finally finished hanging it tonight:

Do you see what makes the Strande accessories so perfect for this bathroom? Let's review.

Tile flooring:

Light fixture (I don't know why it looks crooked in this picture):

Containers and soap dispenser:

If you guessed "they're all hexagons," give yourself ten points. And since we can't all be good at geometry, I'll also accept "octagons" and "pentagons" for half credit. (We ordered these just before our trip to the outlet mall, and once I realized we were going to be there just days later, I feared finding the things we ordered for less at the outlet store. As it turned out, they didn't have the Dillon mirror, and the Strande accessories cost a lot more at the outlet store!)

I'm so glad we dragged our feet and ended up with the Dillon mirror instead of the Pottery Barn one, which actually would have been too big. Plus the round brackets wouldn't have looked right in our bathroom, and the exposed screws really bummed me out:

Instead, the Dillon has hidden screws (which, combined with our apparent inability to think things through, were responsible for our installation troubles) and much more fitting square brackets. Here's a close-up of the bracket style on the toilet paper holder (which, at $55 on sale, was totally out of the question for us):

I picked up a polished nickel TP holder months ago at Tuesday Morning (for something like $15), and I love how it coordinates with the mirror:

I'm so glad Steve kept pushing for polished nickel instead of chrome in here. We do have chrome for the overhead light fixture/vent fan, trim on the wooden towel rack, the curtain rod, and the (rarely seen) shower fixtures, but the entire vanity region has the unmistakable sparkle of polished nickel.

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