21 August 2010

Our First (and Second) Gathering

Today we had some new neighbors and some old neighbors over for lunch. Because of scheduling conflicts, this ended up being two separate brunches.

For Brunch 1 (at 11:00), our sweet, sweet little girl neighbors and their parents came over, along with our adorable, round-faced little boy neighbors and their parents. There was lots of food. In addition to the sausage balls and blueberry muffins they brought, we ate applesauce turnovers:

This was my first attempt at making them, and it was only marginally successful. (Note the applesauce spilling out of some of them. Also note the post-it notes on the light switches on the wall -- we're still learning which switch controls what.)

We also had our usual French toast, baked according to a recipe from an old issue of Real Simple Magazine (which is great when you're trying to make a lot and don't want to be stuck in front of the stove), fresh fruit salad, and applesauce left over from making the turnovers:

Food photography is hard. The first thing that makes it difficult is simply remembering to take a picture before diving in, but even if you remember that, organizing the food on the plate in way that looks good from the chosen angle can be tricky. Here's my first serving (turnover hiding in the background):

Here's the gang:

The girls' parents are sitting down with them, plus Matthew, whose mom is standing with little Will (the boys' dad arrived later). For the record, a chair was offered to her, but she preferred to stand to be at the ready in case any of the kids escaped from the table and needed wrangling...which they did as soon as they finished eating. Favorite activities included looking at the bunnies (of course), playing on Steve's piano in the guest room, and, interestingly, chasing and/or being chased by the Roomba (our robot vacuum, which you can see docked to the right of the porch door). A good time was had by all, until they had to leave for nap time (although little Eleanor really, really wanted to take a bath in my tub. Excellent eye, Ellie).

Not long after they left, our old neighbors arrived. I threw a salmon and goat cheese quiche into the oven while we caught up on their summer in Japan. Unfortunately, all of my food-photography-remembering skills were exhausted on Brunch 1, and I have no pictures of either the quiche or our second round of guests. So you'll just have to take my word that the quiche was as beautiful as it was delicious (and so easy to make) and that the Gaines family is as easy on the eyes as they are fantastic friends.

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  1. A famous Devon brunch - now I'm really sad to be so far away. I love your french toast.