24 August 2010

Lady of Leisure

It's the end of the fiscal year at my office, and I had vacation two days I had to take or I'd lose them. In my world, there's no "or I'd lose them" about it -- I had to take two days. So I've been off yesterday and today, pretending to be a trophy wife.

Yesterday, I wrangled some subs who came to do warranty work, then went to my usual Monday noon class at the gym, then swung by Ross on my way home (even as a trophy wife, I'd still be thrifty). I didn't get a cart because I didn't expect Ross to have anything good...and ended up with almost more than I could carry. Then I came home for an appointment with a blinds lady (not a blind lady...window blinds). She was two hours late and had unreal prices. Like in a bad way.

Today was much the same -- warranty work in the morning, then a class at the gym followed by a swim in the lake, then Target and Costco. Now I'm home getting an early start on dinner (we're having our friend Sarah and her little boy Evan over). I'll update later with pictures...if I feel like it. (Isn't that what being a lady of leisure is all about?)

Update, 9:00 p.m.:
Our kitchen is an absolute dream to cook in. The layout is really efficient, the island is a great workspace, there's enough storage that everything is close at hand (without having to remove a big stack of items and dig to find the one I want)...cooking in it is a whole different experience from any kitchen I've ever used.

This afternoon I accomplished the following:
  • Made ice cream:

(The island is where we store the kitchen electrics and all accessories. It absolutely could not be easier to whip them out and plug them in at the end of the island -- as I did here with the ice cream maker -- then take the dirties a few feet to the dishwasher and return the rest to the proper spot in the island.)

  • Made a quiche (using dough I prepared this morning with the Cuisinart):

  • Made myself some pasta for lunch (okay, that's nothing special. But I did it while everything else was going on, and the kitchen handled yet another task like a champ).
  • Roasted peppers (to be peeled, sliced, and mixed with mozzarella and basil):

(The process of roasting the peppers (coated in a healthy layer of olive oil) presented me with an opportunity to double-check the electrician's work and confirm that the smoke alarms are indeed interconnected...so that's good.)

  • Made more applesauce for more turnovers:

(I used my dough instead of true puff pastry dough, and they turned out more like individual pies than turnovers -- but still tasty with a scoop of vanilla ice cream...which I forgot to photograph, despite the presentation in adorable footed bowls I picked up yesterday at Ross for just over a dollar each.)

  • Baked popovers (no pictures -- just imagine bread with no soul).
Here's the table midway through preparations, with an eager diner already waiting:

And Evan again, before dinner, looking tough:

Kudos to Steve for insisting on such a foolishly large (by which I mean "amazingly perfect") kitchen.

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  1. OMG - your secret Martha has been unleashed. Love it!