12 August 2010

Call of Duty

Steve got a jury summons today. We've been at this address for seven weeks, and they've already found him. How'd they do it?

And why couldn't it have been me?! Steve has been called at least four or five times in the ten years or so we've been together, including once in Delaware, where his father went to serve until they figured out they had the wrong Steve.

I was summoned once a few years ago. Federal jury duty. (That's the way to go. At the time they were paying something like $75/day (versus $8 for state), plus mileage and parking.) Federal jury duty is set up such that they mail you a notice to call in to a number every Friday for six or eight weeks, and a recording tells you whether you need to report the next Monday. Unfortunately, I was number 130, and the last week they only got through the 120's. As a lawyer, I'd love to see the legal process from the jury's perspective, but I know that, as a lawyer, I'll probably never actually be seated on a jury. Like the Oscars, though, it would be an honor just to be nominated.

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