29 August 2010

The Decor Store

When we moved in, we pretty much just threw kitchen things in the kitchen cabinets, towels and bedding in the linen cabinet, and other random things in the tall cabinet in the front bathroom. That wasn't the best plan. The lazy susan (corner cabinet) in the kitchen ended up with an odd assortment of rarely used kitchen items, the linen cabinet wasn't big enough for everything that needed to go in it, and the bathroom cabinet was full of things that had nothing to do with the bathroom (plus we had boxes of bathroom things that we still hadn't unpacked).

Enter Young House Love. These crazy kids have lots of great ideas for decorating and organizing, and this post was a revelation for me. I loved the idea of a decor store, where I could stash decorative items that aren't currently in use and see everything that we have in reserve when the need arises. I also love the idea -- and this was probably the biggest revelation -- that home decor could be constantly changing. I've always thought about decorating our home as a quest to find just the right thing for each space, and once one area was done, I'd move on to another -- and if something was replaced, that item probably wouldn't ever see the light of day again (the one exception, of course, being Christmas, when holiday items either replace or augment the year-round fare). But it's fun to change things with the seasons, our moods, entertaining opportunities, etc., and I immediately knew that we had to find a spot for a decor store.

And that's how all of the random decorative items we haven't yet put to use ended up on little lazy susans in the tall cabinet in the front bathroom:

There are also gift items (the "gift shop," I suppose) and random odds and ends stashed in there. Nothing that really belongs in a bathroom.

And then there was the lazy susan cabinet in the kitchen:

Ugh. With the bi-fold door, this isn't the easiest cabinet to access, so we knew it needed to contain low-use items...but it was full of random low-use items that we'd never remember were there, and somehow the bagel cutter ended up in there (we use that all the time). Not ideal.

Logic quickly set in, and it was clear what needed to happen. The kitchen cabinet would become the decor store. That meant relocating the odds and ends (they're still sitting on the counter...we need to get to that). Then we had to bring over the items from our not-so-successful attempt at a decor store in the bathroom, which freed up those little lazy susans for bathroom items (the cabinet is pretty deep, and the lazy susans are perfect for accessing the stuff in the back):

We also moved the extra towels from the linen closet to the bathroom cabinet (although with four bathrooms instead of two-and-a-half, there aren't many extra towels anymore). And there's plenty of space left over for us to fill with any other bathroom items that we find as we continue to unpack.

Then I turned my attention to the linen closet. It's still a work in progress, as you'll see from the "after" picture, but I brought some sense of order to it and also moved the gift shop there:

(The "before" was such a mess that I didn't take a picture.)

But back to the point of the whole switcheroo -- the new and improved decor store:

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  1. Nice! My decor store is stuck at the back of this really deep cabinet next to the sink that otherwise would be completely useless because by the time you dug out whatever you wanted it would be a half hour later....