05 August 2010

Change of Plans

I was so excited for the composter to be delivered today. I was going to get it all set up, move some of our compost-in-progress into it, and take pictures to accompany the post about it.

And then it arrived.

This particular composter comes in, like, a thousand pieces. We got most of the way through assembling it before giving up for the night. (None of it was particularly hard, it's just an unbelievably long, 30-step process, and we ran out of energy.) Hopefully we'll finish it tomorrow so you can witness the miracle of turning bunny poops into fertilizer.

We did have a positive development, though. Nearly six weeks after moving in, we finally used our shower for the first time. After the third-time's-a-charm radiant floor/tile fiasco, the bathroom was finally put back together about three weeks ago...but then we realized that we really should seal the grout before we start using the shower. It took us a week or two to make it to Home Depot (which, by the way, we recently discovered is waaay less expensive than Lowe's, at least in our area), and then another week or so to make the time to apply the grout sealer. We finished last weekend but have showered at the gym until tonight, when we went for a run in the neighborhood and finally took the shower for a spin. (No picture of event, but you can see the shower here.) Between the openness of the shower itself, the windows in the bathroom, the thermostatic showerheads, and the humidity-sensing vent fan, it's a pretty awesome experience. We're still "moving in" to the bathroom and figuring out how we're going to organize ourselves in there, but if you're on your very best behavior, maybe I'll take you on a tour once we're all settled.

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