16 August 2010

The Bunny Room: From Skymall to Reality

As of last night, the bunny room is perhaps the most complete room in the house. Besides the front bathroom...which I still can't tear my eyes away from...except to look at the bunnies.

Here's the view from the front entry area:

And with the doors open:

(We keep them closed more often than I expected we would. That's because the bunny room, mudroom, and master bedroom are a different air conditioning zone from the great room (the bedroom wing is a third zone), and we keep the thermostat lower in the bunny room zone because the guys wear such warm, fuzzy sweaters. (Lest there be any confusion, when I say "sweaters," I'm referring to their fur. We don't dress the bunnies...although Dash has a very dashing top hat that used to belong to our previous bunny (and Dash's doppelganger), Gatsby.) We keep the rest of the house around 80, which, at 50% humidity or less, doesn't feel bad at all...if you're a human. We keep the bunny room closer to 78.)

Moving inside...last night we hung this metal tree art (not sure what to call it. It's a little on the mass-produced side to call it "sculpture," but I guess that's what it is):

As you may recall, I found it in Skymall on our way to Hawaii the day before construction began last fall and immediately knew it needed to go in the bunny room.

It's very three-dimensional:

And although it's more coppery than bronze, it coordinates nicely with the leaf light:

I love love love how the trees look in there. And since the doors are glass, they're visible from the great room, too. But let's move on.

To the right of the bunnies is the window that faces the front of the house, and the huge, gorgeous live oak tree across the street. (I totally worry about tree branches falling on the house, so I've studied it carefully and am fairly confident that this tree is far enough away that even the longest branch wouldn't quite reach if it fell in this direction. It sure would block the street, though.) The curtain is from Babies R Us. We saw it in the nursery at a house we saw on one of the home tours we went on last fall, and we matched the bunny room paint color to the green in it.

Because we are so in love with our window trim, this is how we're going to do all of our curtains-- on tension rods inside the trim. Most windows won't have curtains, though. Just top-down/bottom-up cellular shades that will still let in lots of light (plus plantation shutters on the French doors to the back porch).

To the left of the guys is their closet, and to the left of that is the Ikea toybox that we picked up several years ago to store their hay, etc. (It doubled as our shoe bench in the condo.)

We keep the food and litter bins in the closet, as well as other day-to-day necessities (like their papaya treats and the Hello Kitty cup I've been using to give Dash water by hand since he's been sick).

This closet is also the hall coat closet. It has three doors -- this pocket door, plus two swinging doors on the hall side (one closer to the entry and the other closer to the mudroom; you can see a few inches of each from inside the closet, on either side of the wall behind the bins). It's basically three closets, but we didn't put walls in between so we'd have more flexibility with the space. The two other doors are on hinge switches so that opening either one turns on a light in the center. It's a complicated closet.

What's not complicated? These sweet peas:

And, for your viewing pleasure, lazy-style:

Stay tuned tomorrow for the details on our first full-month electric bill.

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  1. Love the bunny room. Particularly from the great room.