08 August 2010

Before and After

Remember this picture of the great room sitting area, which was one of the first spots in the house to be more-or-less together after we moved in?

I say "more or less" because it wasn't finished. A little stark, a little cold. I love those blue pillows (a lucky Tuesday morning find, and double-lucky to find two of them), but the space was still lacking. So, since then, we've accessorized a bit:

In that big, blank canvas of a wall above the lamp, we added a piece of art (an old printing of Paris's Luxembourg Garden, where we got engaged):

(The building in the background is the Luxembourg Palace, which is where the French Senate meets. If I remember correctly, I found this picture on ebay and framed it for Steve for his birthday a few years ago.)

On the coffee table, we added this fun little glass vase from Ikea ($3 or $4, I think), which we filled with althea (hibiscus) flowers from our yard:

We also added this picture of our old bunnies, Gatsby and Sport (actually, that's Sport stretched out on the left, and Gatsby's the regal fellow on the right). The frame was one of the first gifts Steve ever gave me.

Cozier, I'd say. All that remains to be added here is some real window coverings (these are the temporary paper kind), but the real ones will look very similar (cellular shades that open from the bottom up or top down, so we can leave them open above for light and privacy). We're leaning against curtains in most places because we love the window trim and don't want to cover it up.

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