26 July 2010

When Does Sixty-One Cents Equal Thirty-Eight Dollars?

When you let the gas company do the math, apparently.

We got our first gas bill today. We used $.61 in gas...but with all of the fees and taxes (including the $25 "account setup" fee), our bill came to $37.93.

I'm all for paying my fair share, but that's ridiculous.

(In case you're wondering, the $.61 was from our range. Since our medium-term goal is to satisfy all of our electricity needs through solar power, we got an electric dryer and electric water heater. We also put in a gas line on the back porch to fuel a grill, but we won't be using that until we upgrade our grill (which is, at this point, about our two hundred fiftieth priority).)

I look forward to this time next month, when we will have received regular gas and electric bills and can really assess our usage. (We have received a partial month electric bill, but between start-up fees and the week we weren't living here, it's hard to draw any conclusions from it.)

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