09 July 2010

Sad Mailbox

Here is the mailbox that we selected after (of course) a painfully exhaustive search.

We love the charm of a wall-mount mailbox, and since that's what the rest of the neighborhood has, we didn't think the mail lady would object. So, after looking at all of the options, we honed in on this Craftsman-looking style with nine holes in the front. (We just thought they looked neat, but they actually serve the secondary purpose of letting you see whether you have any mail.) It came in a bunch of colors, and we narrowed it down to three -- a black pewter (to match the light fixtures), antique copper (to sort of match the "distressed" parts of the door hardware, but mostly to look amazing), and bronze (to match the rest of the door hardware and doorbell). We chose the option in the middle -- bronze -- and are really happy with our choice.

We're less happy about its contents. In the ten days or so since I turned in our change of address card, we've received about five pieces of mail. We seem to be getting only mail that's addressed to the new house. Nothing forwarded from the old house...and it's not being delivered there, either.

Please, USPS, bring us our mail!


  1. I like it - incidentally we've been getting mail forwarded thanks to you! Yeah for that! Where will they put your packages?

  2. On the ground below, I guess. The mailbox is actually bigger than it looks, so smallish packages would fit inside. We're having two big packages delivered today (by FedEx), but we're hoping to be home to receive them. Incidentally, today we received confirmation from the USPS that they are forwarding our mail as of June 26...just hours after we picked up more non-forwarded (non-junk) mail at the other house.