31 July 2010

Pump Up the Volume

We knew living in this house would be a new experience, but I didn't expect that sounds would sound different here. Sure, the metal roof makes rain a bit louder (don't believe anyone who says you won't hear rain on a metal roof), and better insulation and windows keep street noise way down, but that's not all that's different.

We've never lived anywhere big enough that we couldn't talk to each other across the house. Now, when I'm in the office and Steve is in the master (or vice versa), we can barely hear each other. Any farther, and we have to get up and walk over to have a conversation. (On the other hand, I don't need to worry about turning down the volume when I'm watching video on the computer while Steve is sleeping in the next room, or vice versa.)

Another weird auditory experience is that I keep hearing bathroom vent fans on and thinking that Steve forgot to turn them off. Then I remember that they're on timers:

For instance, this one is set to operate for 15 minutes, turning off a few minutes after we get out of the shower. (A couple of the fans aren't on timers. The main master bath fan and the mudroom shower fan are humidity-sensing, so we won't need to turn them on and off -- like motion-detector lights, we just leave the switch on, and the fans work whenever they need to.)

And on the subject of lights, some of our rooms are daylit so well that I reach to turn off the switch as I leave, only to discover that it's not on. Then there's the pantry and the entry closet, which have hinge switches to light up automatically when we open the door. Maybe we make up for all of the additional walking by not having to reach for switches as much?

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