21 July 2010

More Splashing and Dashing

Last night was the July Splash and Dash.

I can't say enough about the fabulous venue at the lake behind my gym, Pure Austin:

I splashed:

I dashed (on the trail around the lake):

And my brother, Kevin, was there to capture the whole thing on film. (Yes, I did realize that our names rhyme...and no, you're not the first person to find that funny.)

And while we're on the subject of dashing...I signed up for marathon training for the Austin marathon in February. So I really need to get serious about running more than two miles at a time.

Edit: Check out this video from another Splash and Dash last year. (I was wearing the same suit...which is pretty much the only thing my performance this week had in common with last year.)

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  1. You still look great though :) Which coach did you end up getting for training...?