28 July 2010

Is This Anything?

With due credit to David Letterman and his "Is This Anything?" segment....

We have a whole mess of weeds out back (and a few in front, too). I worry that I'm not smart enough to tell the weeds from the actual, you know, plants, so I'm asking for your help in determining whether some of the flora in our yard are weeds or desirable plants. So...is this anything?


B. (I know the next two pictures are something -- R2 told me they're baby trees -- but I don't remember if he said oak, elm, or something else)

C. (Nandina?)

In landscaping-related news, I was inspired today to rescue the master bathroom mirror boxes from the recycling bin and use them as the bottom layer of a mulch path that will eventually go to the compost area.

The backyard has gotten pretty unruly (it's clear that these weeds aren't anything), and this is the first step toward returning it to the blank slate it was this winter. (The large pile you see at the top left is extra construction mulch; just to the right of that is the second of our three compost piles; and the pile you can sort of see toward the right is leftover decomposed granite from when we did the driveway and front walkway.) Good news about our compost: it seems to work -- the weeds are tallest, greenest, and healthiest by the compost. (Another point in favor of the above-ground compost tumbler, I guess.)


  1. Hi Devon, thanks for checking out my blog! A is a trash tree, B is an oak...but tiny, it'll take a long time to grow, so if you don't like where it is, move it this fall, get rid of C...it is nandina, number 2 on the invasive list! Are you in Crestview?


  2. Thanks, Cheryl! You're the best!

    I'm a Crestview alum -- we lived there for 9 years but now live in Allandale.