02 July 2010

I'd Like to Thank The Academy...

It truly took a village to raise this house. So many people made contributions, big and small, that I couldn't possibly list them all -- but I'm going to try anyway. So, in no particular order, I want to thank:
  • Mom, Greg, Scott, Xiao Chun, Regina, and Kevin for helping us move
  • R (and R2) for creating such a special home (despite the various challenges we have faced, the bottom line is that it's a fantastic, incredibly well-built house)
  • Every subcontractor and every worker who contributed to our home (with the exception of one...you know who I'm talking about)
  • Although they're already included above, special shout outs to Mark Yeagley at Lighting Inc., Jamie Lamprecht at Floor King (the north location), and Tim Teague at BMC Hardware, each of whom went above and beyond in helping us find just the right lighting, tile, and door hardware, respectively
  • Ross, the demo guy we didn't hire, for suggesting that we keep the driveway during construction (little did he know that we'd keep it for the foreseeable future after construction, too)
  • Our house designer, Janet, for suggesting that we enlarge and screen in the back porch
  • My co-workers and bosses for being so tolerant of all the times I've had to sneak away from the office to take care of house tasks...and for listening to me complain every time we hit a speed bump
  • The Mooressells for renting their tear-down to us (still one of our luckiest breaks of this whole series-of-fortunate-events) and for allowing us unrestricted access to their truck (and tool shed) while we were wiring
  • Larry Foster, grandfather of home inspection in Texas, for referring us to R and for double-checking his work through phase inspections
  • Construction lawyer (and UT Law professor) William Allensworth for his legal guidance
  • Tutu and Dad for their "bridge loans" last summer
  • Mortgage broker Ed Solter of Fairway Mortgage for wrangling us a 4.375% interest rate (but not for calling me "girlfriend"...'cause only Suze Orman gets to call me that)
  • Our new neighbors for their patience, enthusiasm for our home, and warm welcome to the neighborhood
  • My amazing husband, Steve, for daring to think that two little people could do something so big

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