25 July 2010

I'd Like to Make a Toast

...which is so easy to do, since we put an outlet in the pantry and keep the toaster plugged in on a shelf:


I'd like to clear a space next to the toaster so I can put down a plate next to it. Over the years, R has developed a standardized pantry plan, including depths and heights of shelves, but he modified the plan to give us more space on the toaster shelf. I'd like to keep more appliances plugged in in the pantry (we love the convenience without cluttering up the counters), but I'm not sure there's anything else that would work. The blender is probably our second most used small appliance but wouldn't make sense in there.

If you've wondered why we haven't started posting pictures of rooms as we've added furniture, etc., it's because they all look pretty much like this shelf of the pantry. (Not full of crackers and granola bars, of course -- mostly room-appropriate clutter in desperate need of organization.)

In other news, this morning we took our first post-move bike ride. Just 12 miles (although a hard, hilly 12 miles), but it felt great to be back out there...even though it was 95 degrees by the time we hit the road.

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