04 July 2010

All Creatures Great and Small

Since we moved in, it's been interesting to see the wildlife that comes into our yard, undeterred by the total lack of any kind of intentional landscaping.

Today we had a squirrel, a hummingbird, a dragonfly, butterflies, (Steve says) some kind of very tall bird, and a frog that was sitting outside the front door, forcing us to enter through the garage side door lest he hop right into the house when we opened the door.

We also had a visit today from the family across the street. The three girls were wearing matching red, white, and blue dresses and are pretty much the sweetest little girls in town. They brought us these welcome gifts:

Because of the wood windows, our windowsills are extremely shallow, but this little vase fits perfectly in the kitchen window. The card says (not quite in this order), "Welcome to your new house!!! Have a great summr in your new house. And your bunneys. Love, Alice, Lillian, and Eleanor." The 3-D art below is a cardboard take-out cup holder. It's painted more brightly on the other side. I think they're hinting that we should bring them coffee. (I think their parents had a hand in that one.)

This week our Neighborhood Watch block captain, Carri, sent out e-mail to the block and mentioned that we had moved in. I took the opportunity to "reply all" and introduce ourselves to those neighbors we hadn't yet met, and I received a handful of "welcome" responses. There was also a last-minute e-mail effort last night to get a group together from the street to participate in the neighborhood Fourth of July parade (there was even talk of matching t-shirts). This is pretty much the first time in my adult life that I've lived in a real neighborhood, and I'm blown away by the feeling of community.

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