16 June 2010

Cooking, Showering, and the Appliance Tango

A few things happened at the house today that are worth mentioning. First, the gas meter was installed.

Funny, I don't remember ordering the satellite dish upgrade. I hope it gets Bravo (we don't have cable).

We also received a package in the mail today. Sunday night I placed two orders for house things: (1) a mailbox, and (2) a special towel bar for the master bathroom. I quickly got notice that the mailbox had been shipped, but I didn't even get a confirmation of the other order, so it was a pleasant surprise when a (hybrid!) UPS truck drove up this afternoon and dropped it off.

Because of the 27" wide piece of glass between the shower area and the towel bar area (and because our arms aren't long enough to reach around the glass all the way back to the wall), we had intended the master bathroom to have the hotel-style towel rack that ended up in the back bathroom. At about 24" wide, the skinny piece of wall between the glass partition and the potty cabinet wasn't wide enough for the rack:

Which worked out fine for the back bathroom, since it's tiny and can use the extra storage space the hotel rack provides.

And now that we received our delivery, it's also working out fine for the master bathroom. This towel bar attaches at a single mounting point (on the left), and the two bars pivot to hang at whatever angle we want.

Remember that 27" wide glass partition? By moving the bars out toward the center of the bathroom, our towels will be accessible after a shower without the need to contort ourselves around the glass.

What we didn't receive today was our refrigerator, which was supposed to be delivered no later than the 7th, and then the computer showed that it would be delivered today. In one of those fortunate/unfortunate deals, it's looking like we won't be moving in until at least Monday, so hopefully we'll have our refrigerator by then. (By the way, the dishwasher was swapped out last Saturday, so we're within one appliance of a "full house.")


  1. i'd put that towel bar into a stud - 1 single mount point is going to mean trouble in the future if not. no cable? 'yer kiddin, right?!!

  2. Good thinking. The towel bar actually attaches with four screws in the mounting plate, so it'll be a lot more secure (and resistant to the downward pull of gravity) than if it had just one.

    Moving on to cable. Nope, not kidding. We haven't had cable for years -- we've probably saved over $5k through this little sacrifice (that doesn't even seem like a sacrifice). With so many shows available (legally!) online, we don't even miss it. Plus I love the feeling that we're pulling one over on the cable company. Try it!